Yoga Teacher

Pilates Apparatus Teacher

"I believe anyone can have a movement practice.  I'm here to help you find a way that's right for you."


Mindful movement (like Yoga and Pilates) asks me to look deep within myself for the truth. It isn't always pretty, but it is what it is.  This space of self exploration through movement practice has been most empowering and enlightening. Whether in a group class or private lesson, my passion is to using my knowledge, skills, and life experience to aid my students in finding their own truths.

My own back issues have lead me to practice and teach with a focus on maintaining spine health. I love teaching and sharing ideas with all types of students in order to expand and deepen their practice. I want movement to be accessible to everyone.  I like to think that for the short time I'm with my students, I'm facilitating a part of their lifetime journey of practice and exploration. Without knowing it, they do the same for me.

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