Hump Day Motivation

Recently, after one of my restorative classes, a student told me that she broke into tears 20 minutes into the class. Contrary to what you might think, this can be a beautiful, freeing experience. I have experienced it for myself.

Yoga can be profound if one is open to it. It can be profound even if one is not.

I remember being on the mat in an advanced workshop one day. I was skeptical about the purpose and effectiveness of some practices introduced earlier in my teacher training. Despite my skepticism and failed previous attempts, on this particular day, my body, mind, and spirit opened in a way that I hadn't expected. As a result, I felt instant relief in my cranky lower back! Imagine that! I immediately broke into silent tears and am forever grateful for the experience.

Just wanted to share these stories with you. Take from them what you will and see how that affects the rest of your week. As with most things, but particularly in Yoga, personal experience is the best teacher.

Peace, Love, Progress, and Power


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